Unify Colorado: Let's Work Together For a Better Boulder County

Create Solutions Not Division.
Not Right. Not Left. Forward.

Meet The Boulder County Unity Party

The Unity Party strives for a United America where peoples of all parties and backgrounds shall come together on common ground and move forward together as a nation to create a better country for current and future generations of Americans.

We believe the current major American political parties don’t appeal to most Common Sense voters who don’t necessarily adhere to any particular ideology. We take a balanced approach and have a willingness to look at both sides of an issue without breeding hostility. In short, we work to unite people rather than divide them.

The Unity Party has grown in Colorado to achieve minor party status, which means we no longer have to petition onto the General Election ballot, but instead are nominated at the election year Unity Party convention. This is huge for our ability to deliver candidates statewide for any position.

The Unity Party of America, a Centrist organization in 42 States and counting, is fighting for Balanced Budgets, Term Limits, the outlawing of partisan Gerrymandering, and many other Common Sense positions (in other words, Boulderites, we’re fighting for you and every other American).

Here in Boulder, we are working to take a Common Sense approach to create a system we believe more accurately reflects the beliefs and desires of all Boulder County residents and can serve as a template for other county and state governments across the US.

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