Local Politics

The Unity Party of Boulder County believes in a Common Sense approach to issues that affect us all locally, statewide, and nationally.

Top Issues In Boulder County

  1. The Coronavirus Response
  2. Homelessness
  3. Unemployment
  4. Gun Control
  5. Supporting Small Business

Boulder County Commissioners

Elise Jones

Matt Jones

Deb Gardner

Find out more about your Boulder County representatives and make your voice heard at https://www.bouldercounty.org/government/elected-officials/commissioners/

The Coronavirus Response

The Unity Party of Boulder County stands for protecting public health while maintaining a thriving economy for small businesses and individuals. The public health crisis must be managed to prevent the spread of the virus and respect for the community by keeping it safe. However, action should be taken to balance that with keeping our small businesses afloat as this supports the long-term economic growth of Boulder. We also need to ensure that once this crisis is over, any emergency protective orders are rolled back and that individual rights aren’t destroyed in the future as a result of our necessary public health actions.


With Covid-19 and a low point in the United States economy, the homeless population count is high everywhere; Colorado and Boulder county are definitely not exempt from this issue. Cost of living, income vs housing costs, and mental health all contribute to the rise in Boulder County’s homeless population while we all also deal with the uncertainty of the pandemic and job security. Boulder is also a hot spot due to its open space, proximity to mountains and camping, and park friendly environment. Due to this, our county has the need/duty to act more than our surrounding counties. While there is no easy answer to homelessness, the Unity Party wants to find solutions that help to reduce homelessness before it starts, give the homeless population better resources to strive for opportunity and self-sufficiency, and help to support the pre-existing county-approved resources that provide temporary shelter and assistance for people in need.


Unemployment is not only a cause of homelessness but it can cause massive problems for Boulder County’s economy and public resources. The high cost of living in Boulder County creates a situation where unemployment can turn into homelessness fast. Beyond that, unemployment affects the ability for the county to support the many environmental, social, and other programs that the people of Boulder County have created to make this such a great place to live. Sustaining these high-spend programs requires that we keep people not just employed but earning a good wage. We encourage ideas that support businesses with employees and encourage them to hire more. This directly creates more economic success in the entire county when we keep people employed and business opportunities thriving.

Gun Control

The Unity party affirms the verbiage and meaning behind the 2nd Amendment. While any crime committed with a firearm can be tragic, not being able to defend yourself can be as well. As a party we strive to find the best case scenario where we keep Boulder County citizens rights in place while addressing the safest form of regulation with the best outcome for each individual. As of right now, Colorado has become a much more left-leaning state in regards to gun control and Boulder county is a large part of that. Colorado prides itself in being part of the mid-west and a purple state, not red nor blue. Current Boulder city regulations regarding the cosmetics of unspecific firearms do not have a societal safety premise outcome but rather target pre existing firearms in an attempt to force registration without ease of regulation. The Boulder County Unity Party would like to look into better county changes that could promote safety, focus on enforceable and non-convoluted laws, while promoting the rights of everyone within Boulder County.

Supporting Small Businesses

Boulder has seen a lot of large companies moving to the area and this has been great for providing jobs and a thriving economy prior to Covid-19. However, small businesses still make up the largest percentage of the economy in Boulder County. This is true also of the US as a whole. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and we need to treat them as such. A larger portion of funds, business programs, and plans for growth in the area should include the needs of SMEs (small to medium enterprises). This is especially true with the Coronavirus response as these were hit the hardest. Large companies have the advantage of scale, help a few of them and you can potentially help a lot of people. With small businesses however, that help goes directly to fueling the most important part of the overall economy, even if it is a bit harder to manage. Let’s keep local and small businesses thriving as much as we can!